Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring flowers

Spring is here..... and there are lots and lots of different flowers blooming at all places...
to me... coming from tropical country, these flowers are all very new to me...

i was mesmerized by the vibrant colours of these flowers.... amazed by the look of it....
and was somehow stunned.... on how nature works...

anyone could help me with naming it??

1) yellow tiny flowers

2) white small flowers found mostly on fields

3) these are from huge trees

4) awesome blueish coloured flower... also found on fields.. seems to be "wild"

5) another yellow bunch of flowers

6) these flowers....has a long and thin stem....

7) magnolia, these i know...

8) they are so tiny and small and cute

9) i seriously have no idea... it seems that these guys are still not fully bloomed

10) chrysanthemum?? but it is very small...found by the road side


13) dandelions?