Monday, May 30, 2005

Urban KL

This series are mostly random shots of Urban KL.

Railway track Posted by Hello
Dayabumi Tower Posted by Hello


Blue blue sky, green green grass Posted by Hello

You see the low rise complex of clusters of buildings?
those are the PUDU PRISON complex...

Pudu Prison is the largest in Malaysia and it is situated right in the MIDDLE of the city.
The brown building on the left is the asia's largest shopping mall...

Pudu prison is more than 100 years old and now it is no longer used as a prison but as a drug rehabitation centre....

Eerie place, went in for tour once... looks haunting inside...
Gelato cafe Posted by Hello

Interesting signboard...but the gelato are not that great
Billboard WARS!!!!! Posted by Hello

Billboard Wars at Bintang Walk
Planet Hollywood Posted by Hello

Planet Hollywood at Bintang Walk

Bintang Walk

Bintang Walk Posted by Hello

This is part of the Bintang Walk, the shopping street and food venue of Kuala Lumpur.

This is the place to be seen and to see people...

This street place itself and call streets like Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills, Orchard Road of Singapore, Champ Elysees of Paris, Oxford Street of London its cousin.

It comprises of 7 huge shopping complexes and unlimited street cafe ala european.
View from Monorail Station Posted by Hello

Those little umbrellas are from the street cafe and food joints...

The Old Dame

The Old Dame Posted by Hello

This is THE SG WANG SHOPPING CENTRE..... or direct translation 'Money River Shopping Centre'.... it is one of the oldest shopping centre in KL and normally it is sardine-packed and there are hundreds of shops inside....a maze to be exact...
KL owe its existense to this river, the Klang River Posted by Hello

Buildings are build around the confluence of the rivers....
and times past,

this once majestic flowing river has become a "drain"...with cement and barrier buildt to "cage" it...........to prevent flash flood
Maybank Tower, home base to malaysia's largest bank Posted by Hello
Sea of motorcycles Posted by Hello
Klang River and cluster of buildings Posted by Hello

The meeting point of Klang River together with Gombak River is the birth place of Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur meant MUDDY CONFLUENCE.....
It was a tin-rush town (as in gold rush town in the states) where upon discovering of tin mine, people throngs here in thousands, particularly the chinese.
Old squatter-like apartment Posted by Hello

This apartment see the rise of KL from a muddy river town to the metropolis it is today..
it is very old and is made of half wood half brick...
Pedestrian Mall Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Here kitty kitty... Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

KL Aerial Shots

Towering above all Posted by Hello

These shots were taken from the observation deck in the
during my trip there with Bose and Dark Kai.

KL Tower is the only building with an observation deck in the city.
KL Tower is situated on top of a hill and it is also the 4th tallest tower in the world.

With the elevation , one can see the entire Klang Valley and beyond from here.

The view is superb and the night view is even better.
Klang River Posted by Hello
KL from the top Posted by Hello

See the H-shape building down there?
It is the country's oldest missionary school....
KL and beyond Posted by Hello
KL Aerial View Posted by Hello
Zoom out view Posted by Hello

Asia Largest Mall

Asia largest shopping mall Posted by Hello

The one in brown with the twin tower is the largest shopping mall in Asia.

With one hotel, a theme park,Debenhams Department Store, IMAX theatre, World's largest bookstore - BORDERS, 10 floors of unlimited shopping , it is indeed a shopping haven.
Petronas Twin Towers Posted by Hello
Ray of Light Posted by Hello