Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zurich part 2

Zurich, the biggest city of switzerland... situated on Lake Zurich, divided by the river Limmat,
with the Niederdor and oberdof area on both side of the banks....
a lovely city with more than 1000 spring fountains.... and lots of churches, bridges,
narrow cobble stone lanes and alleyways... winding through the allstadt (old town)

Groesmunster Church

View of the Groesmuenster from the plaza

a nice place to sit and relax

one of the many lanes

some bridge

Bahnhofstrasse , Paradeplatz where the legendary Sprungli cafe is situated....

a serene view

zurich night view

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zurich in autumn

Lovely view from zurich, in autumn

Lake Zurich

View of old town from Limmat River

View to groessmuenster, hope the spelling right

this tree is practially illuminated!

autumn sonata

in a park..somewhere

battles on the ground