Saturday, December 31, 2005

Got a light anyone?? Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Leaning Tower of Anson

Step Aside Pisa... here comes the Leaning Tower of Anson Posted by Picasa

This clock tower was build in 1885, is about 120 years now during the british colonial times.
It was known as the High Clock Tower previously. But as it starts to tilt towards the northwest, it gained notoriety as the most famous leaning tower this side of the world.

It is situated in the town formerly knows as Teluk Anson in honour of the then Colonial Governor of the Straits Settlement in 1879-1880, Archibald E.H. Anson. Now it is called Teluk Intan.

The tower is 85ft (25.5m) high and it was first buildt as a water tower. This tower has served for multiple different purposes, where during the World War II, it was used as a watch tower.
Leaning Tower of Anson...really it does lean to the right.... no joke. You can't see it?? Perhaps not very much in picture. You have to come here in person to really see it Posted by Picasa

Some said this resemblance a giant stool with multiple legs....
in the middle of the town
These days, it just tells the time.
Come Wednesdays, the clock tower's caretaker will wind up the clock's mechanism using a crank. Commissioned in London, the clock chimes twice every 15 minutes. The chimes can be heard as far as eight kilometres in radius especially at night.
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Chinese style? Islamic? Indian? Fusion? Posted by Picasa
Layers of roofs Posted by Picasa
The based of the tower Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Singapore Science Centre

From this set of pictures...
you can guessed it...
yes ...i m out of pictures to be upload into the blog.
not sure this is the case for dark kai...
hopefully he has more....
like the CBD night shots...

today we will be a kid again...

To all of you :
"You can lose anything...ur car, ur house, ur partner, ur pets, ur virginity...
but never ever lose your childishness!"

This was taken our brief visit to the science centre.
interesting...and felt like a kid again.
Everything we learn in school..is here.....
biology, chemistry, physics....maths, aviation, underwaterworld, eletricity and stuff.

Some wind mill? no idea...and dunno how it function....hehehe

kind of like an outdoor theme park in the compound of the centre....lots of kids...lots of water
very noisy

This is not part of the theme park...
for gods sake this is a fountain...
and yes...the parents allow them to play in it as well...
if only they know that the fountain water is not healthy and chemical laden

Some high-end, technology-advanced looking playground...
i wont know how to play in this if u ask me...
talk to me only when involving used tyres, wooden swing, sewage pipe, leaves, sand...

Monday, December 19, 2005

2005 Singapore marathon scene

Yes...i know...singapore again.......

Singapore Marathons Scene at the Ending Point.

Runners of shorter routes, supporters, volunteers, visitors gathered
along the routes, supporting, cheering, and motivating the runners of 42km.

It was about 12 noon, and the day is hot, the sky is clear, the environment is lively
and that guy seems so into himself with his phone and camera...ignoring everyone.

Some macho participants.....

go go go....

Climax...the climax is here where all runners were
treated with free massage....
you can see their relief's face.....ah so heaven like.

oh....the environment was great...
but it smells bad....
imagine....a field...
with 20,000 runners....
sweating and soaking wet.....

the smell is very strong....something like ammonia
almost fainted....

Friday, December 16, 2005

Aquatic plants... Posted by Picasa

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Some underwater rock formation. Posted by Picasa

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Clown fish a.k.a Nemo Posted by Picasa

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Clown fish a.k.a Nemo Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Singapore again... Cool purple sky... Posted by Picasa

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Wright brothers first flight. Posted by Picasa

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Today's post will have more stories to accompany the pictures....

We started our singapore trip from the royal town of Klang some 400+ KMs away from Johore Bahru City at the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia.

i drove down to Johore Bahru city together with bose, macho, dark kai, and another friend freak fries. We started our journey very early on Saturday... 2:30am .

We then reached Johore Bahru at about 8am, because we stopped along the way and i didnt drove my ferrari.

Singapore is situated at the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia and is linked by a causeway bridge. From Johore, one can opt to take a bus, taxi, drove in, by plane, train or you could be just like us.... walk across the bridge.

We were seen walking from Malaysia's custom building....

And now crossing the Causeway bridge. See the apartments? That is Singapore... about 1-2km away. As you can see, there were horrible traffic jam on the bridge for it was the peak hour.
That was also the main reason why we walked instead of taking the bus.
Everyday, thousands of singaporean and amalysian crossed the bridge....to work, to leisure, to shopping.

Singaporean loved to come to Johore for their daily grocerries shopping, for it is cheaper while
Malaysian travel to singapore to work in various factory, port and offices, for Singapore has better pay and the exchange rate was S$1 = RM 2.25.

This is the scene u get when u walk across the Causeway bridge.
Seen here is the Johore City skyline and of course with the signboard, 50km/hour

Well, no,.....this is not what u get at the other end of the bridge...
This is the Central Business District of Singapore...or simply just Singapore City.
Singapore city is situated at the southern part of Singapore island at the river-mouth of Singapore River.
Much buildings and activities are concentrated along the river....
like the fame Esplanade, the Clarke Quay pubs area, the CBD, the City Hall (green colour dome on the top picture)

This is a not so good night view of the Singapore Esplanade, Theater-on-the-bay.
The local called it the DURIANS, a type of tropical fruit...very tasty but to foreigners, u either hate it or love it, for Durians smell like rotten rat?? hahaha no...
to me..just great.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Singapore-Sentosa Panaroma

This a panaroma of Singapore City and the Singapore port
This was taken from the cable car station by Macho...the busy man
So i posted this picture on behalf oh him

Click here for larger version

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sentosa Island, Singapore. Posted by Picasa

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Esplanade, Singapore. Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We were away for a short holiday... BUT hay... we were not there alone... i brought my friends alone.... see?? Bingo, metallyptica, k, milan... you were all there... together with me... hehehehehe Posted by Picasa
Local Authority promoted it as SOUTHERN MOST OF ASIA. I said crap because this is an island.... and mainland Asia ended at Johor, southern-most state of Malaysia. However... this is truly a beautiful and gorgeous view Posted by Picasa