Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zug, the capital city of Canton Zug....

Zug, the capital city of the Canton of Zug, a small charming little city by the Lake Zug at the foot of Zugerberg. (notice the amount of "zug" mentioned?)

One of the smallest canton in Switzerland, with more than 20% of its population are foreigners ( i m part of the statistic). It has the lowest tax in Switzerland, and a lot of multinational companies setup their operations here...... oh... at the time of posting this.. i live just 5 minutes train ride away from the city...

The calming, peaceful, relaxing Lake Zug

St Oswald's church

Zug castle, now a museum

Chapel of our Dear Lady in the old town

Great Schell fountain

A narrow, hidden lane... but overall, it looks mostly like this on a Sunday... perfect for a relaxing stroll on this quaint city

The zytturm, clock tower.... tourists are allowed to go up the tower...
the trick is that, there is a police station on the left side of this tower... what you need to do is that to go to the police, and mention to them that you need the key.

Then, you will be required to submit your passport or identification, and the police will then pass you a key to the tower...... nice.. a whole clock tower by yourself... a little scarry and eerie... hehe

the awesome view from the top

the lovely town houses

Saturday market by the lake

the BIGGEST shopping place in Zug, Metalli, with less than 45 shops!


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